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Posted by Lisa Glassburn on

    I've always wanted to be able to write, to catch readers' attention and make them laugh or entice them with some rainbows and butterfly story. What I didn't want to write about is depressing news or something that makes people sad or mad, the truth. What leads me to this blog is something that personally affects me. This is about law enforcement professionals. Growing up I was taught to have the utmost respect for them. We honor them and look at them as heroes. My how times have changed.

    We need to go back and re-evaluate what we are teaching our young people. They need to be taught to not take people or things for granted. We need to make accountability an everyday household word. We need to give out discipline to our children like it isn't dead. I was disciplined as a child, so was my brother (usually more than I). We followed rules or else. Being raised the way I was made me humble. My father is a veteran. He served this country and defended it. My mother came to this country from Thailand 45+ years ago, got a job and sometimes even 2 jobs. She never disrespected this country nor did she ever expect ANY handouts. My parents both worked hard for what we had. That made me a humble person and it showed me to never ever take anything or anyone for granted. It taught me respect for others. It taught me to value human life because it is very precious and so it leads me to this.
    I personally am tired of seeing cops being gunned down in completely senseless ambushes (2 more police deaths as I turned on my computer this morning). I catch myself scrolling past the stories on social media because it is an everyday occurrence now and it hurts my heart to read it. It hurts because each of these men and women are putting their lives on the line to protect and serve all of you. They have gone from peacekeepers to targets. I am not saying that 100% of them are good but the majority are. There are some bad apples, yes, but that doesn't mean they should all have a target on their back. I am so thankful that I am not a spouse who has to wait at home every day or night to make sure their policeman or policewoman is safe. I do however have friends who are police wives and I am a police dispatcher. I do wait on the other end of the radio for that "code 4". These men and women ARE my brothers and sisters. They are family. Many people may have ill thoughts of them or NO respect for law enforcement whatsoever but we need to remember that most people who have chosen public safety/service are in this profession because they want to help people for a living. They're dedicating their professions to all of you. Yes it can be "just" a job but in my opinion you truly can't do it without having a passion for it. I am sure I am not the first to say that patience is indeed one of the strongest traits in law enforcement. Just try to remember- who do you call when you need help? Who do you call when you've gotten into a car accident? Who do you call when your child is missing? Who do you call when someone breaks into your home? Who do you call when your Aunt won't give your dog back? Police patiently come to your assistance every time regardless of whether it's day or night- Not just 8-5, not just when they feel like it, EVERY time, even if they know it's a bogus call (yes it happens). They still come to help. We ALL at some point in our lives will call upon them for help. I know I have. 
    Something is broken in society and I don't know how to fix it but even if I can catch one reader and change a little perspective on how they see law enforcement, then I've accomplished something. So I say enough already. Lets fix this. 

-Lisa Glassburn





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  • Well said Lisa! Brought tears to my eyes. Our society is very broken and in desperate need of Jesus! What a great outlet for you and your readers. People outside of law enforcement haven’t a clue what the men and women in uniform and dispatchers endure day in and day out as well as their loved ones. It’s truly heartbreaking to see another officer or two killed literally every day now. Praying for all police officers and deputies safety and for this chaos to end.

    Tammy on

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