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"Gunpowder & Lead" .38 Special Paisley Leather Cuff Bracelet

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Multi-color paisley leather bracelet with 2 matching brass .38 Special bullet casings and 2 clear crystal rivets attaching a custom metal stamped saying "gunpowder & lead" and held together by a metal snap. Very comfortable and stylish! Bracelet is 3/4 inch wide and available in 4 lengths. Sizes/lengths are for actual wrist size and these are designed to fit snug. Measure your wrist and add about 1/2-3/4 inch to determine sizing

 Small 6.75 inches

Medium 7.25 inches

Large 7.75 inches

X Large 8.25 inches

*due to varying inventory, manufacturer lettering on bullet casing may not be the same as pictured


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